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Are you tired?


The winter is coming.

And like every other year, in nature everything is slowing down, getting ready to rest. The trees are shedding their leaves, the birds are flying away, the bears are getting ready to hibernate… The whole nature is going to chill out, and we are the only species not doing that. We work 8-12 hours shift, day night, all year round, as if we were robots, machines of some kind.

We do that because (we seem to believe) we need money.

And we do need money, because we live in a world where money have more value than life itself. If we – collectively, politically, socially and individually, were valuing life – the life we are living, our wellbeing and sustainability, more than we value money, we would not need to work & produce the way we do, in a first place.

If it wasn’t for the whole world chasing more sale / more profit / more money, we would not need to have 30 / 20 / 10 different computers / sofas / mobiles / jackets on sale each year / season / month / etc. And we would not have poverty, exploitation and mass depression, if we were – as a society and as a species –  valuing life itself, more than we are valuing money.

Here is the spooky paradox.

It might sound crazy at first, but the reality is, we do not need money to live. No other species does. Money is a man-made abstract concept, and as such, it should have no more value than a piece of artwork, a comedy or a board game.

Wake up world, wake up society, wake up thinkers!

Money is man-made, and that simply means, if man made it, man can re-make it. We keep on inventing new business models, revenues, therapies, policies and norms, and we have ended up at the point, where the only possible solution to this massive problem, seem to be moving to another planet, inventing bitcoins or depopulation of the planet.

Then what, do the same shit all over again?

It seems as no one dares to even take into a consideration a possibility that we can simply clean up this whole mess. If we can figure out how to scan human brains, fly to Moon, clone a sheep or genetically modify plants, surely we re-design the money game we have created quite a long time ago!

So whether you can see it or not yet, with the Internet, our collective knowledge and understanding of the economy, psychology, awareness, technology, potential, capabilities(!), tools like the design thinking process or system thinking practice, we have all it takes to consciously and collectively re-design the whole concept of money, and its role in our life and society.

Think about it. The problem is not the problem itself, but our attitude towards it.

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The most intelligent species?

By nature, we are connected to nature.

Depending on your personality type and the type of life you are living, you will either agree or disagree with this statement.

People traditionally connected to nature: gardeners, environmentalists, natural engineers or botanists will recognise both, the strength and importance of this connection.

Those, who never played with an animal, been to a forest, swam in a river or laid in a meadow, in my experience, will not relate to such experience.

In addition, there are people who are so absorbed by their goals, businesses and affairs, they hardly even notice the seasons or any existence in the natural world.

Whether you feel connected to nature or not, one thing we can all agree on: there are laws in nature, that  are  there, and there is not much we can do about it. Gravitation is one of them, seasonal cycle is another one. There is not much we can do about them but we try hard, anyway. And, we are the only species that does that.

In nature, every species of plants and animals follows the seasonal change.

During winter, everything slows down, restores and rests. Trees shed leaves, bears hibernate, birds fly away, bees die, etc.. In spring life begins, it blooms in summer, and the whole cycle repeats again, and again. Humankind is the only species that ignores both, the law of nature, and its own nature. 

We work ten – twelve hours, summer, winter, day, night. Every day, of every week, of every month of our whole life.

We are not made that way and there is no need for us to do that, but we live in a civilisation that relay on our ability to adapt, not the ability to think. We function in an unnatural world of socially constructed artificial rules, absurd norms, and backwards values. 


We allowed money to become a value higher than life itself. 

Even if, we think that we need money to function in society, money supposed to be a tool to exchange and interact with others. It supposed to have an instrumental value. It is an abstract form that we acepted in our reality. Why do we accept something, we do not even want?

Money is man-made, and if man made it, man can re-create.

I do not know how did we ended up here, but what I know is the fact, that just because it is that way, does not mean it have to be. If you cannot image a possibility of a different world, it does not mean the possibility is not there. All we have to do, is sit down and think. It is an intellectual problem.

So, here is fun: find a connection between: Brexit, collective awakening, design thinking aka person centred design, Internet, 21st century technology. Add anything else you want. Think! That is all we need to do.

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PS. Hope my English was not bad. Get in touch if you can do better – badass editor needed.