My name is ILONA, I am a philosopher, design thinker, and author of the Awesome Life Design project.

My personal experience, observation, academic studies, curiosity and passion brought me to the point, where I said:

Fu©k it! … If I have to change the whole world, I will!



The problem is not the problem itself, but our attitude towards it.

All the socially constructed systems: economy, politics, healthcare, employment, etc. are man-made. And that simply means:

If man made it, man can re-make it. 

Global systems, however big, are no more complicated than the schematics observed in nature, music, mathematic, art or physic. Like all structures, they have patterns, connections, symmetries and mechanisms. They can be understood. They can be discovered, developed and designed. Think about it. 

It’s an intellectual problem.

That means we don’t have to fly to Mars, build expensive labs or dig to the core of Earth to solve it.


All we have to do is sit down and think.

I am seeking like-minded designers, original thinkers, leaders, specialists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, scientists, filmmakers and people with possibilities and capabilities.
If you happen to be one and feel inspired to collaborate or to support this project, please message me via Awesome Life Design on Facebook

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