Awesome Life Design is a social change initiative, based on the idea that the local and global systems affecting our everyday life, including the complex political or economical ones, are systems indeed, and as such, can be re-designed. Simply, like organisations, or new models of phones, cars or innovations can, through a process called Design Thinking Process, aka Human Centred Design.

Design Thinking is similar to a crime investigation process, but rather than solving how something happened, the designers are working out how to make something happen. It is a creative, analytical and collaborative journey, towards a solution, innovation or improvement. It’s a journey from the unknown, from an idea of something that does not exist yet, (like an iPhone or NASA ship, at the time) to the final design, the end products we know now. The Design Thinking Process can be used to design products, services or systems. It becomes increasingly popular in the field of technology, innovation and customer focused design, and the original Human Centred Design proposed by the designers from IDEO, is rooted in human values, and respect for life and the planet.

Think about it: in nature, all animal and plant species follow the natural cycle, thrive in Summer and restore in Winter. Humans are the only species that keeps on working every day, of every year, of our entire life, all because we believe in the mythology of economic growth and money. Money is a man made concept. That simply means, if man made it, man can re-make it. It’s an intellectual problem, not a physical one, we don’t have to build expensive labs or fly to another galaxy. All we have to do, is sit down and think.

Think about that: While every organisation, community or government always have and always will have problems, we don’t have problem solving departments, there is no job vacancies for problem solvers, philosophers or thinkers as such. We believe thinking causes headache; and we are told not to think too much and leave it for others. Collectively, we obey denying our capabilities, relying on the ability to adapt, to survive, not our ability to think. In reality, the problem is not the problem itself, the problem is our attitude towards it.
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