So I said: ‘f#©k it! If I have to change the whole world, I will!’


My name is ILONA, I am a philosopher, design thinker, and social change maker.

I believe that the world as we know it happen to be the way it is, not because of any particular reason, but simply because of the -cause and effect- mechanism. Our society with its norms and systems happen to be the way it is, and  there is an explanation for why things are the way they are, but there is no reason why it have to be that way. That simply means:

It is what it is, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The problem is, most people think we can’t change the modern world, (or that it could only happen through some kind of catharsis or a catastrophe). Nonetheless, there is no logical or physical reason as to why the world as we know it, has to stay the way it is.

My personal experience, observation, academic studies, curiosity and passion brought me to the point, where I said:

F@ck it!  If I have to change the whole world, I will!


I believe that the problem is not the problem itself, but our attitude towards it.

In a typical problem solving case we tend to be concerned with the outcomes of the problem, not the problem itself. For crime, wrong-doing and mistakes we invented a system of penalties and punishment. For low life quality we offer discounts, loans and benefits. For stress, no drive or low energy we create pills, norms and theories.

Ironically, everyone is too tired, fed up or busy to notice, for most of our life, most of us is working, not living.

What’s more, in our current civilisation almost every person, corporation or government always have and always will have problems, but there is no problem solving departments, no jobs for problems solvers, philosophers or thinkers of any kind.

On one hand, we are the most intelligent species, on another, we seem to be relying on our ability to adapt, not the ability to think … “There’s no time to think”; … “don’t think you’re smart”; … “curiosity killed the cat”; … “leave thinking to others”; … “don’t think too much” … I’ve heard it many times over, when growing up in Poland, and here in UK.


 Looks like thinking is bad, not allowed nor appreciated.

Imagine you are walking into an office or a shop and the person behind the desk is doing something, moving a box or speaking on the phone. We can assume, you would wait until the person completes their task. Now, imagine a situation where the person behind the desk is sitting and doing nothing, because that’s what thinking looks like. 

…In my journey I came to understand a simple truth: all the global systems, structures and mechanisms are man-made. And that simply means:

If man made it, man can re-make it. 

Global systems, however big, are no more complicated than the schematics observed in nature, music, mathematic, art or physic. Like all structures, they have patterns, connections, symmetries and mechanisms. They can be understood. They can be discovered, developed and designed.

It’s an intellectual problem.

That means we don’t have to fly to Mars, build expensive labs or dig to the core of Earth to solve it.

All we have to do is sit down and think. 

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